• Farming is Risky Business

    We deliver risk management and crop insurance information to your Ag-Ed classroom.

  • FRB Workshops

    Ag-Ed business content delivered though an engaging, simulation-based presentation.

  • Relevant

    Your Ag-Ed students will better understand and learn to manage the risks that come with a career in agriculture.

  • Proven

    FRB workshops have been delivered in 2,000+ Ag-Ed classroom and FFA convention locations across the U.S.

  • Practical

    FRB workshops align with AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards, as well as state-level CTE standards in all 50 states.

Help your Ag-Ed students to understand the risks that come with a career in agriculture!

Farming is Risky Business (FRB) workshops teach risk management concepts through an engaging and competitive farm simulation game. Students make a series of decisions (diversification, forward contracting, crop insurance), as they work to maximize their operation’s profitability by managing production and market risks. Get started right now by visiting FRBWeb.com.